Planning A Funeral

Planning A Funeral

Firstly, if you have just lost a loved one, then I offer my sincerest condolences.  This is a difficult and emotional time for you and your family and if you have never planned a funeral before, it can seem a daunting and overwhelming task ahead of you.  You can choose your own Celebrant and I would recommend that you do, as you will know what you need and not the Funeral Director.

Here are a few of the first steps you must decide on –

You may have a Funeral Director in mind or you may not.  If not, then there are a few things to consider and I call these the three C’s –  Cost, Choice and Care.

Cost – A funeral can be expensive and therefore it is important that you compare the costs for the services provided by a Funeral Director.  These can vary significantly.

Choice – we are all unique and therefore when planning a funeral for your loved one, you should be offered choices that will truly reflect your loved one in order to create a bespoke funeral.  This can include cremation or burial, location of the funeral, time of the service, additional services like flowers, horse and carriage, celebrant or minister etc.

Care – you should expect a high level of care from your Funeral Director.  Not just for your loved one in their care but also for you and your family.  It is an incredibly emotional time and you need to be confident that the professionals supporting you, will listen to your wishes and provide a friendly, caring and empathic service to you.

Consider recommendations from people you know that have used the services of a Funeral Director.  Or ask for my recommendations based upon what your requirements are.

Consider whether your loved one would want a religious or non-religious service based on any faith or beliefs they had.  If religious, you can contact a minister direct, or ask your Funeral Director to recommend a suitable minister or priest.  If non-religious, then you will require a qualified Celebrant and that’s where I can help you.  

Your loved one may have expressed a preference as to where their service  should be but if not, consider whether you are planning a cremation, a burial or a green burial. Think about how many people will possibly be attending and accessibility to transport links/parking.  Visit different venues to see what feels right.

I can advise you on all of the above and much more.  I can be your initial point of contact when your loved one passes.

What I will do for you –

  • ​Support and advise you to make the funeral arrangements that reflect the wishes of your loved one and you as a family.

  • I will visit you at your home or at a family address, to meet you and family members who will be involved in planning the funeral service.  We will sit and talk about the best way to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Together we discuss ideas and I provide options that will enable a unique and personal service to be created.

  • If you require an Order of Service produced, I will plan the content and we will discuss how to portray your loved one with photos, designs and colours.  I can organise the design and printing of your Order of Service through a supplier I use and will liaise with you to ensure it is exactly what you require.  I will collect the Orders of Service and bring them to the service with me, where they will be laid out for the congregation.   There may be a funeral plan held with a  Funeral Director, so please check if the plan includes Orders of Service.

  • I usually expect you will need me for at least a couple of hours on that initial meeting. 

  • Together we talk about your loved one, stories and memories, what your loved one meant to you and others, choose music for their service, poems, readings etc.  I understand that you may not be ready to talk about that just yet and that’s ok.  We take things at your pace and I can visit you again.

  • I will then research, plan and write an initial draft of the service which I will email through to you.  You and your family can choose to read the draft, make changes if required and ensure that it is perfect.

  • A final draft is then approved.

  • I will throughout, liaise with the Funeral Director, Crematorium, Chapel, Woodland or Natural Burial ground.

  • I will officiate the ceremony and be there to support you from the moment you arrive.

  • I will provide a keepsake copy of the service if required.

  • Unlimited access via email, telephone, text, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype.

  • We create this bespoke ceremony together which celebrates the life and love of your loved one.

I take great pride in my role as your Celebrant and believe it is such an honour to be with you and your family at such a difficult, painful and important part of your lives.

Get in touch to find out how I can help.

These can be difficult times and there is no need to navigate them alone. Get in touch for a chat with no obligation.